About JSP

Juntos Se Puede/Together We Can is a Non-Profit 501(C)3 organization that was created to support children throughout the North Side and Diamond Hill Community of Fort Worth. Juntos Se Puede was founded in 2011 by Deborah Gallardo.

Our mission is to help families have a successful school year by providing them with the essential tools they need and to connect them with resources so that they may have a successful school year.   Juntos Se Puede believes that education is the key to success in the community;

Please review our JSP Pamphlet, pdf format

2011-2015  Juntos Se Puede Back to School has been creating an event that occurs mid August. For this event families must pre-register prior to the event, show some form of identification, as well as proof of school enrollment for the children they are registering and reside within the 76106 and 76164 zip code. During this event families receive back packs, shoes, haircuts, and school supplies for the children. Juntos Se Puede has helped over 1500 students with back packs and school supplies.

2013-Present Juntos Se Puede host Annual Christmas in the Barrio,
Juntos Se Puede adopts 100 children each year along with their families. It is a traditional Christmas posada a family afternoon filled with entertainment, crafts, dinner, gifts, stocking and a visit from Pancho Claus. Children between the ages of 1-18 receives a new winter coat and a new pair of shoes along with toys.
 Registration is available October 15, 2018 in person at 2621 NW 29TH Street, Fort Worth, TX 76106

2015-Present – Juntos Se Puede Community Scholarship
 Every year – Juntos Se Puede gives scholarships to High School Seniors who reside in the 76106 or 76164 zipcode. In 2020, the scholarship is now open to all City of Fort Worth Texas students. Each recipient receives a scholarship to the school of their choice for four consecutive years to use towards tuition. 
Application is available online January 2020.